Pneumatic Systems

In recent years, an increased number of maneuvering troubles reported which may result in costly accidents and delays. These troubles are usually caused by sticking pneumatic valves, due to internal corrosion-dirt particles in the control air system-defective seals, etc. can be prevented by planned maintenance as recommended by engine makers.

To prevent such kind of incidents; we recommend maintain control air in good condition by the regular drain, check the system within the regular interval and a complete overhaul of the system during dry-docking periods.

Pneumatic control systems is expertise demanding specific skill and knowledge to handle, OKTO offers you the troubleshooting, remote support, planned maintenance and spare part supply in cost-effective way.

It is very important to carry out planned maintenance of the pneumatic components of the maneuvering system, which will prevent serious incidents/accidents.

At OKTO, all our work is performed to the highest standard meeting the exacting OEM specification when required and backed up with the OKTO warranty.

Please contact with OKTO service team for further information.

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