Aux Engine

Performing small-bore auxiliary engines crankshaft renewal during sailing responds to the ships’ high operational demand.


  • Detailed planning involving work schedule, lifting/rigging methodology, work and safety procedures as well as backup planning Preparations are to be instructed prior to the plant arrival.
  • Dismantling of engine and removal of the crankshaft
  • Relocation of the engine block to a safe area for repairs
  • Full inspection of the engine block and other components. Measurement of cylinder unit components and assessment. Providing all instructions for crew members.
  • Visual inspection and clearance check on the camshaft and the gear train
  • Receiving & inspection of the new crankshaft
  • Installation of the new crankshaft in the block;
  • Re-alignment of the base frame
  • Reassembly of the engine and operational testing

At OKTO, all our work is performed to the highest standard meeting the exacting OEM specification when required and backed up with the OKTO warranty.

Please contact with OKTO service team for further information

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