Cylinder Lubrication Systems

To obtain and maintain a good cylinder condition it is of great importance that cylinder lubricators must function properly.

Reference with MAN B&W service letter SL2016-632/AAB, cylinder lubricator system to be overhauled every 5 years or 32,000 R/H to ensure optimal and trouble-free operation. This will ensure trouble-free operation and dosing of the correct lubrication amount based on the provided set point.

Note that lack of maintenance may result in low or missing accumulator pressure, worn solenoid valves as well as defective non-return valves, which all may cause excessive lubrication above the set point. This can be avoided by using the recommended overhaul and maintenance strategy.

It is also very important to make sure correct timing, functioning, and dosing of the mechanical cylinder lubrication systems.

We provide service for both mechanical and electronic systems, including overhaul and testing of the components.


  • Health check and feed rate optimization of the mechanical lubricator.
  • Overhaul of the mechanical lubricators.


  • Checking the timing and mechanical installation of angle encoder arrangement.
  • Checking of timing and distance of BCU pick-ups
  • Checking and adjustment of index transmitter
  • Checking of alarms
  • Replacement and filling of N2 accumulators (1.5bar and 30bar accumulators)
  • General visual check of the cable connections for strain, fatigue and cracking
  • Check and overhaul of alpha lubricators
  • Renew the solenoid valves
  • Renew the filters at the pump station
  • Inspect and renew the spiders
  • Complete system testing

At OKTO, all our work is performed to the highest standard, meeting the exact OEM specifications and backed up with the OKTO warranty.

Please contact with OKTO service team for further information

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