Propulsion Systems


  • Remove blades, crack test
  • Change zinc anode on hub cylinder
  • Inner and outer shaft seal overhaul
  • Propeller shaft flange crack test
  • Measurement and check of stern tube bearings
  • Change of high pressure seals in hub
  • Measurement of blade flanges, cross head, slide shoes and bushes
  • Geometrical check of blades
  • Measurement and check of hub bearings
  • Dismantling of shaft coupling and change of seals
  • Change of seals on servo oil pipe flange
  • Check / upgrade of feedback arrangement (ODS)
  • Alignment check of feedback ring (ODS)


  • Change of hydraulic hoses in power pack and OD ring
  • Test and adjustment of max pressure, stand by function, safety valve and proportional valve
  • Test of drain oil pumps
  • Adjustment of: zero pitch, full ahead, full astern


  • A 5-year package includes control of the entire cp propeller system, with focus on the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical key parameters.
  • Blade seals and filters will be exchanged.
  • Tolerances on wearing parts will be control-measured and recorded.
  • Guidance for the remaining lifetime will be given.

At OKTO, all our work is performed to the highest standard meeting the exacting OEM specification when required and backed up with the OKTO warranty.

Please contact with OKTO service team for further information

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