Power Plant Service

OKTO Engineering offers comprehensive services in O&M, technical support and training, installation and commissioning, performance recovery and retrofit, and new power plant projects.

As the total service provider for power plants in diesel plants worldwide.

We strive to provide the world's best services and solutions, timely delivery,the highest safety standards while never having to compromise our quality of work. Our goal is to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions to deliver high levels of availability and profitability to our customers.

We improve the performance of deteriorated facilities status and provide services for life extension via scientific inspection.

Operation and Maintenance Service

  • Our experienced and qualified engineers and staff will be your reliable source when it comes to high-quality Operation and Management.
  • Daily operation by experienced and qualified technicians
  • Scheduled and unscheduled accurate maintenance
  • Managing risk and decision at the right time for the system
  • The supply chain for various products of power plant
  • Timely part supply via the global network

Installation and Commissioning

  • We provide installation and commissioning support to ensure the integrity of the facilities during a start-up.
  • Preventive Inspection
  • Assistance during the startup phase

New Power Plants

As your project organizer with global network connections, we can offer a variety of products for new power plants.

  • Optimized project planning, project management, and risk assessment
  • Effective performance design, construction, and procurement for operation and maintenance
  • Professional and experienced manpower support from industry experts
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